House Histories

The enclosed building at the heart of a traditional Javanese household is called the dalem (inner) or omah. Four massive pillars called the saka guru form the heart of the building, supporting the apex of the roof, and defining the main living space. Traditionally, the space behind the saka guru is divided into three rooms. The left and right are storerooms for agricultural produce and tools; the central room is reserved for the worship of the rice goddess Sri. As a whole, the traditional building is dark and cool, and is regarded as female. By custom, the kitchen would be a separate building attached immediately to the right of the omah.

In our conversion of these buildings to accommodations, we have endeavored to respect the customary structure and its divisions. As a result, the experience of a traditional Javanese household remains. Light and airy, yet maintaining their original coolness, each house is both intimate and spacious, private yet open to the land and the life that surrounds it.

About Bali

Bali was called “the morning of the world” by Nehru and is still “the island of the gods” to the Balinese. With its colorful temple ceremonies and sacred mountains, its cascading rice fields and tropical beaches, its rich traditions of music, dance and theatre, and the hospitality of the islanders, it is a destination with a difference.

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